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News & Latest Happenings

Check here for news about Six Pound Farm horses, and please feel free to browse the rest of our site, on your visit.
We have many high quality young horses for sale, and hope to continually update our graduates with photos and news!

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2019 Foal Arrivals!








Effective April of 2016, we are now located in South Eastern Virginia,
minutes from the North Carolina border.   


Six Pound Farm is excited to announce its re-location to the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, in the town of Suffolk. 
We have purchased a beautiful property on 25+ acres, with expansive pastures, a 20 stall barn and outdoor riding ring.  We will be working hard on renovations, and have goals to offer an annual KWPN Keuring in the future.

We are now offering boarding for young/ broodmare and retired horses.  Please inquire for all inclusive rates.  

2016 News & Trip to Holland


I was fortunate to once again attend the  KWPN-NA Annual Meeting, which took place during the KWPN Stallion Show in Den Bosch.  The quality of horses and opportunity to learn at this event is really unparalled.  It was wonderful to see and share this opportunity with other North American Breeders.  


I logged many kilometers with some equally horse crazy Canadians, as well the KWPN NA and NL Tour busses!  We paid visits to VDL Stud,  Team Nijhof,  Stal Van Silfout,  Dressuurstal Van Baalen, and Stal van der Schans.  Some non-horse related tourist stops included Flora Holland and Zaanse Schans to see some traditional Dutch windmills and tradesmen.

I have posted photos on my Facebook page, please drop a friend request if you would like to see them. 

This year, I was so happy to visit with Elizabeth, Patrick and Wout-Jan van der Schans to see my homebred gelding, Eastwood at his new home (Pictured Left).  He is all grown up, looks wonderful and is very loved.   Eastwood is currently schooling 1.2-1.3M. 

2016 breeding choices are in the works, but some early front runners are: 



Cornet Obolensky or Indoctro x Hottie Lottie SPF (Parco / Goodtimes/ Calvados)
Karandasj or Cardento x Fashionably Late SPF (Federalist / Sassafras xx)

Parco x Ulottie (Goodtimes / Calvados / G. Ramiro Z)
Numero Uno or Van Gogh x Quartz F.M. (Kannan/ Losander/ Caletto II)

2018 Foal Arrivals!

First to arrive is Nickelottie SPF by Grand Prix stallion, Dulf van den Bisschop (Heartbreaker x Libero H x Grannus) out of Hottie Lottie SPF Keur Elig. (Parco x Goodtimes x Calvados).  Nickelottie is a beautiful and strong filly, correct in her foundation, modern type and a balanced and agile mover!  She is sure to be a show stopper! 

2017 KWPN Keuring Results:

Hottie Lottie SPF is now a Ster, Keur Eligible mare with the KWPN!  They were complimentary of her type, rideability and promise as a jumping horse.
We are so proud of her accomplishments!  She has proven herself to be a willing and eager riding horse, with an excellent mind and rideability.  She will be taking a break from undersaddle work to have her first foal, by Grand Prix stallion, Dulf van den Bisschop. 

We are official residents of Virginia now!  Our one year anniversary came and went May 15.
The farm has undergone many changes since we moved in, and there is still PLENTY to be done.  
One day at a time.   Aside from our growing flock of squaking Guinea Fowl, its a pretty quiet place for peaceful enjoyment of life.  The horses are happy, (so we are happy!) they live out nearly 24/7 now and our small foal crop of 1 is happy and healthy.   Movie Star SPF arrived on May 27, 2017.  Check out this cheeky young boy on his page,  he will be a nice sport horse and is offered for sale.

We tried to breed 5 mares, but at this time, we have coming in 2018: 

I'm Special de Muze x Acrobat (Acorado / Joost / Ladalco)
Dulf van den Bisschop  x Hottie Lottie SPF  (Parco / Goodtimes/ Calvados)

Vindication S x Fashionably Late SPF (Federalist / Sassafras xx)

2015  Keuring News!


Six Pound Farm hosted the 2015 KWPN Keuring at the beautiful Sunflower Farms, taking our two 2015 foals.  
Both of our foals earned First Premium Awards, and Kanndid was the Top Young Jumper!  

Kanndid SPF - by Banderas out of Quartz F.M Ster (Kannan/ Losander) was the Top young Jumper, and 1st Premium.   His scores were 76 Conformation, 75 Movement for a 75.5 Overall.
Jury Comments: A good jumper type with a long neck. His shoulder was long and sloping. His croup was also long and was well shaped. His trot was expressive and showed good length of stride. The canter was balanced with sufficient length of stride. 


Katniss SPF - by Van Gogh out of Ushina (Orame / Nimmerdor) was also 1st Premium, and 2nd placed Jumper foal.

Her scores were 73 Conformation, 77 Movement for a 75 Overall.
Jury Comments:  The expressive Katniss SPF could be longer lined but she is powerful and well muscled. Her canter is very balanced, light footed,and powerful and has good rhythm.


SPF Graduate News!

​Decorum SPF aka Finders Keepers  6/5/15 - Winner of the $5,000 USHJA National Hunter Derby at the Midstates Horse Shows Summerfest!

Sirius SPF  5/17/15 -2nd place Open Novice B @ Otter Creek Horse Trial. 
9/7/14- Winner of the Open Novice Division at Roebke's Run Horse Trial!
Placed 3rd at the August Otter Creek Horse Trials in the Beginner Novice Division! 

Eastwood SPF has been exported to Holland, and is stabled with Stal Van der Schans, and has moved up to Z level (1.30M) and is putting in some great, clear rounds!


Diablo SPF (aka CR VIP) Spring 2017-  Competing successfully on the East Coast in the 3'3 Pre-Greens.   He is offered for sale by his current owner, and ready to move up.  Contact me for more information.





Recent Sales:

Congratulations to Kelly Wojtech on her purchase of Jubilottie SPF. 


Congratulations to Dr. Mary Ellenberger on her repeat purchase of Imalottie SPF.


Congratulations to Dr. Mary Ellenberger on her purchase of Katniss SPF.

Congratulations to Dean & Alyssa Moore on their repeat purchase of Joliegh SPF.

Congratulations to Dr. Deborah Day on her purchase of Kanndid SPF.

Congratulations to Kim Bremer on her purchase of Blue Moon.

Congratulations to Dean & Alyssa Moore on their purchase of Jurassic SPF.

David Honor Photo

2015 News & Trip to Holland


In February, I traveled to the Netherlands to attend the KWPN Stallion Show in Den Bosch.  It was an enlightening and worthwhile trip.  I was fortunate to meet some fabulous people, see amazing horses and get a new perspective on where I want to take my breeding program. 

I was also able to visit Van Olst Stables, home of Negro and others; as well as Team Nijhof, the home of Heartbreaker, Clinton and many other wonderful stallions.  Both stables are beautiful and well run, and our group was thoughtfully received.  
I have posted photos on my Facebook page, please drop a line if you would like to see them. 

I was hoping to make a visit to see Eastwood at his new home (Pictured Left), but time did not allow for it.  Another reason to go back next year!  Eastwood is currently showing at the M level with a Junior rider, with Stal van der Schans. 


I have also narrowed down my choices for the 2015 breeding season and if all goes well, will be using some young stallions, and some seasoned and well known. 

I'm Special de Muze (Pictured L)  x Ulottie (Goodtimes / Calvados / G. Ramiro Z)
Arezzo VDL  x Ushina  (Orame/ Nimmerdor / Mannerheim)

Indoctro x Quartz F.M. (Kannan/ Losander/ Caletto II)

2014  Keuring News!


We took our three 2014 foals to their KWPN -NA Keuring yesterday, 9/6/2014, and were thrilled with their placements and how well they handled the event.  
Two of our foals made the prestigous KWPN Top 5 list for 2014!
Jurassic is Ranked #3, and Jubilottie #5 of ALL the Jumper foals presented!
We are so proud and excited by this accomplishment. 


Jurassic SPF - by Quinar out of Quartz F.M Ster (Kannan/ Losander) was the Top young Jumper, and 1st Premium.   His scores were 79 Conformation, 76 Movement for a 77.5 Overall.
Jury Comments:  A well developed, large colt with good expression & ong lines.  
Good shoulder, very good croup.   In movement he has good use of legs and is light footed and supple.  He has an easy canter but could use more power.

Jubilottie SPF - by Zavall VDL out of Ulottie (Goodtimes/ Calvados) was also 1st Premium, and 2nd placed Jumper foal.

Her scores were 76 Conformation, 76 Movement for a 76 Overall.
Jury Comments:   Good development, rectangular shaped with good expression and feminine. Needs more length of croup, but has good legs and a correct foundation.  In movement she has enough power, enough suppleness  and is balanced.  She also has good use of the legs.

Joleigh SPF - by Catoki out of Fashionably Late SPF (Federalist / Sassafras xx) was 1st Premium and 3rd Place. 

Her scores were 70 Conformation, 74 Movement for a 72 Overall. 
Jury Comments:  This filly is the youngest foal today, and she could be more developed but is a younger foal.  She is rectangular and feminine.  She is deep in the back at this time, but has a good croup and her legs are correct.  In movement she is light footed, with good balance but needs more power. She has an easy canter that covers the ground. 

2014 Breeding Season New Arrivals!


This spring we have been fortunate to welcome to the world three beautiful new babies.
Jurassic SPF by Quinar out of Quartz, a robust and powerful colt with tons of presence.

Jubilottie SPF by Zavall VDL out of Ulottie, a modern, athletic beauty, and

Joleigh SPF by Catoki out of Fashionably Late SPF, an adorable, correct and strong filly.

All three babies are doing well, and we expect to register them all with the KWPN - NA.
Plans are to attend the Keuring in our area in September.



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