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Six Pound Farm Is...

a boutique sporthorse breeding program, located in South Eastern Virginia.  We specialize in producing KWPN Horses with jumper pedigrees.  Owned & operated by Tracy Geller- Stearns & Grant Stearns.


Our breeding focus is quality driven, and to ensure that our foals and young stock receive proper care , nutrition and handling,
only a small number of foals are produced annually.
We operate with honesty and integrity and aim to find the best situations for our homebred horses.  It is also our intention to provide for our treasured broodmares for the duration of their careers and beyond. They are the foundation on which we have come to succeed and are deserving of respect and admiration. 

We are dedicated

to producing quality sport horses for all disciplines; whether their chosen purpose is as a professional’s Show Hunter or Jumper,  Adult Amateur Dressage mount,  trusted companion, or a future member of a breeding herd.  To achieve this, our foundation stock of Broodmares has been carefully chosen,  and their foals are proof of the quality of the bloodlines and sport potential.

We do offer a few select horses for sale each year, please feel free to browse our website to view them.  

Inquiries, visits and questions are welcomed!

Quality care & handling

is vital to a good start in life for a performance prospect,  and attention is paid to all vital details from conception to weaning, and beyond.

Our mares are monitored on a foaling camera as they get close to their due dates and afterward.  


Our foals are interacted with from birth, and  halter training begins within the first few weeks.  


By weaning,  the foals are well-handled and look for  interaction and attention from people.   They have had experiences in loading, clipping, bathing, grooming and have regular hoof trimming to aid in the proper development of their legs and feet.

Our horses that are going under saddle are carefully monitored for health and soundness.  They are treated and managed as top level performance horses, as that is our aspiration for them.

We strive to select riders and trainers that will carefully and thoughtfully bring along our horses in work; not only providing them the appropriate foundation, but also challenging them to develop to their fullest potential. 

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P1018506 (Medium).jpg

Proper Nutrition & Health


Additionally, all of our mares and young horses are on an individualized feeding program tailored to their own particular needs and condition.   

We feed @Buckeye Nutrition and @Farmer's Cooperative brand feeds, as well as an excellent quality grass hay when fresh pasture is not available.
Our horses are on pasture as weather permits.   They all receive regular de-worming , chia seeds from @Equine Chia for sand colic prevention, and omega 3/6 support, amino acid support from @Team Equinety, vaccinations as recommended by the AAEP, annual dental care and routine farrier attention.  


Our horses are kept in as natural of an environment as possible.  Their mental well being is just as important as the physical.  
They are allowed to be horses, and spend as much time as possible outside in their small, ‘herd’ environment.   They have well fenced, safe enclosures with access to sheds, and are put up in stalls when weather mandates it.

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